Junior Civic League Membership Information

The Junior Civic League was established to create an interest in health, educational and civic affairs, and to promote a better understanding in all affairs pertaining to the betterment of the community in which we live.  We are a volunteer organization. If you want to add a meaningful new experience to your life and learn more about what we do – if you like us, complete a membership application so we can guide you in the process of deciding upon a noble purpose, taking it up bravely, bearing it off joyfully, and laying it down triumphantly.

JCL Members (Active and Sustaining) April 2023

Sitting (Left to Right):  Joann Blunt(sustaining member), Elsina Winston (Past President), Germaine Bennett (Past President), Juanita Williams (Founding Member), Geneva Mason (Founding Member), Cynthia Little (Past President), Susan Moorer (Past President), Fran Curd (Past President) and Denise Johnson (Past President)

Standing (Left to Right):  Veronica Crafter-Srinivasan, Erica Avery, Cheryl Jenkins, Pamela Murrell (sustaining member), Sylvia Rupert (sustaining member), Kali McQueen, Jerrine King, Sharon Kay Muldrow, Bea Baker, Jenita Gillespie (Current President), Kathy Thompson, Joyce Alexander, Ameerah Pusey, Gloria Blackmon, Charmaine Bracy, Trina McCain, Chanelle Perry, Camille Stanford and Trisha Smith

Members Absent: Jeannine Baker, Lynette Brown, Tammie Cooper, and Akesha Joseph

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee receives and investigates all applications in the early spring each year. Applications must be received by the second Sunday of March for consideration. All applications that have been accepted by the committee are presented to membership at the April business meeting. Balloting occurs at the May meeting and 2/3 of the present voting members shall determine if applicants will be accepted. Applicants are notified following the May meeting and informed of the acceptance or denial of their application.

Duties of Members

Each member is expected to:

  • Perform any duty to which she is assigned promptly and cheerfully
  • Attend nine business meetings each fiscal year
  • Notify hostess of their inability to attend a meeting as act of courtesy
  • Not miss more than four of the monthly business meetings
  • Arrive at monthly business meetings before roll call
  • Support all JCL sponsored functions
  • Host a meeting in the order of alphabetical rotation (usually once every two years)
  • Perform at least fifteen volunteer hours each year
  • Actively participate on at least one committee each year
  • Fulfill financial obligations by December 31st each year

Meeting Information

The Junior Civic Leagues holds monthly business meetings on the second Sunday of each month at 5:00pm. Regular meetings shall be held on the second Sunday of each month from September to June at 5:00 p.m. 

Annual Dues

Dues and assessments are $200 per year:

  • Dues are $50 and current Assessments are $150.  Dues and Assessments must be paid by December 31st of the fiscal year.
Membership Application

2020-2022 Officers

PresidentJenita Gillespie
Vice PresidentJerrine King
TreasurerErica Avery
Financial SecretaryJeannine Baker
Recording SecretaryCamille Stanford
Corresponding SecretaryTrina McCain
ParliamentarianKathy Thompson
ChaplainLynette Brown
HistorianSharon Kay Muldrow
Public Relations/ReporterAmeerah Pusey